Frequently Asked Questions


What type of training do our employees receive?

All armed employees are certified law enforcement officers in the State of Indiana. In addition to initial law enforcement training, certified police officers are required to complete at least 24 hours of in-service training annually. This training includes such topics as firearms, physical tactics, and emergency vehicle operations.

All unarmed security is trained extensively in areas of security, asset protection, and conflict resolution best-practices.

Are officers and agents of the company insured?

Yes. Ascension Protective Services and Consulting, LLC carries general liability insurance and worker's compensation for all employees.

Is the company licensed?

Yes. Ascension Protective Services and Consulting, LLC is licensed through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Our company is dual licensed as a Security Guard Agency (License# SG21800034) and as a Private Investigator Firm (License# PI21800027).

What is a security risk assessment?

A security risk assessment is a fundamental examination that can include a review of documentation, policies, facilities, technology protection strategies, staffing, training, and other key indicators to determine the present state of the protection program (security) in an effort to identify deficiencies and even excesses, in order to make recommendations for improvement based on proven methods and best practices.

Are there any fees associated with an initial consultation?

No. Ascension Protective Services and Consulting, LLC will provide a free and thorough review of the client's security needs. We will then provide a detailed explanation of available options and how our company can appropriately provide those services.